Soldier’s Girl (review.)

SO GOOD. I can’t go on and on about it as much as I did with The Fall, but that’s only because that movie was so my cup of tea. But they were both equally perfect. The fact that Soldier’s Girl is a true story obviously amps it up tenfold. Lee Pace, of course, was flawless. All the feminine little mannerisms, the voice was that was the perfect mix of his own and a woman’s. Why is Lee Pace so sexy as a man and pretty as a woman? It’s not fair. My god, he’s versatile. Troy Garity looks exactly like the real Barry. So weird. You totally felt all the emotions you were meant to when certain characters came up. Love and sympathy for Calpernia and Barry. Complete and utter loathing towards Glover. Hatred with a hint of sympathy for Fisher. The acting was so realistic. Again, highly recommend this movie. It may not be your cup of tea. But it better be for the right reasons. There is Lee Pace’s fake boobage fully out in the open. One particularly violent scene. And a couple, not that R-rated sex scenes. Also, there was the ever important epilogue in the end that had facts about the real story/ people.

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